RIMI is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of products for agriculture and public health. For nearly a century, the company has remained on the cutting-edge of innovative developments in: Plant protection, Post harvest, Seeds, Environmental protection (Public health), Formulation of products for the domestic market and export.

RIMI is proud of the family atmosphere, which extends to its team of highly professional and dedicated employees, as well as the long–term commercial relationships it shares with suppliers and customers in Israel and worldwide. Customers are loyal to RIMI products due to their quality, suitability and sustainability, while meeting agricultural and public health needs.

The company is ISO 9001-2015 certified and meets the quality standards dictated by the different regulatory authorities around the globe.

In addition to producing the conventional formulations (EC, LC, ME, WP, CP, etc.), for many years, the company’s manufacturing facility has specialised in the production of granular baits (GB) in the form of pellets, which are mainly exported to Europe, the Far East and South America, while meeting the authorities’ stringent standards.

Nearly a Century at the Forefront

1922   RIMI was established by the late Mr. Moshe Joffe, a pioneer in the chemical industry in Israel. The company began operations as a manufacturer of special detergents and disinfectants.

1950s RIMI began developing and manufacturing pest control products for public health

1960s The Department of Plant Protection was established, while expanding manufacturing operations and representation of multinational companies.

1980s Moshe Joffe – the grandson bearing the name of the founder, and the third generation to run the family business – assumed leadership of the company.

2000s RIMI started and expanded its post-harvest products business.

2010s The Seeds Department was created to offer comprehensive solutions to the agricultural sector.


Plant Protection

The Plant Protection Department is RIMI’s flagship operation, dealing in the development, registration and marketing of products for plant protection. These products, characterized by having relatively low toxicity for humans and the environment, include both those manufactured by RIMI and those imported from multinational companies. The department is comprised of a professional-technical team and a commercial team, most of whom are agronomists.

The technical-professional staff has vast knowledge and experience in developing and registering new products and general aspects of plant protection. They personally guide and consult farmers in the safe, effective use of the products supplied by the company. As part of the development and registration process, they conduct field-trials, often in cooperation with scientists from universities and research institutions from Israel and abroad.

The highly professional and reliable commercial team specializes in marketing and sales. They forge long-term relationships, while taking into consideration the farmers’ collective and individual needs. These two teams are dispersed around the country, in the different agricultural regions, aiming to provide prompt accessibility to the farmers requiring their professional guidance.

The Plant Protection Department’s products are distributed by authorized dealers. While promoting existing products, the Department is constantly seeking new, innovative products that address market needs.


Environmental Protection (Public Health) and Animal Health

RIMI offers a wide range of environmentally-safe pest control products, for the public health and the control of ectoparasites in animals. Years of professionalism, efficiency and product diversity have earned the company an admirable reputation for the reliability and safety of its solutions. Many of the company’s products are developed and manufactured by RIMI, while others are imported from reputable multinational companies. The majority of the products are for use by only certified Pest Control Operators within the private sector, municipalities, authorized institutions, etc.

The Department also provides professional services to customers, offering information, guidance and consulting in the use of its products, ensuring their safe and effective use in managing pests. Furthermore, professionals are offered training and seminars on relevant topics; while disseminating updates on pest control issues.

RIMI’s wide-spread acceptance in the field of products for professional use led to the development of ready-to-use products for the consumer market, which are distributed by authorized dealers.



RIMI’s Seeds Department specialized in marketing high quality hybrid seeds for a wide range of vegetables. The Seeds Department conducts field trials under strict standards to identify the most suitable varieties; ensuring farmers achieve the most profitable crop yields and quality, as well as pest resistance, based on growing regions and seasons. A committed customer service team provides professional assistance to the growers to address needs, questions and strategic planning support.

With new crop varieties emerging and agri-technology techniques evolving, the Seeds Department is continually expanding its basket of seed varieties, while increasing the services offered to its customers.



The Post-Harvest Department develops innovative technologies for use following the harvesting of agricultural produce, including fruits, vegetables and flowers.

RIMI is the exclusive representative of AgroFresh US in Israel. AgroFresh develops innovative technologies using the award winning molecule, 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene), which helps extend the shelf-life of post-harvest produce, thereby delivering higher quality fruits and vegetables to consumers. SmartFresh releases its active ingredient into sealed rooms, where freshly–harvested produce is stored. 1-MCP binds to the ethylene receptors in the fruit, thus blocking ethylene production and activity, both from internal and external sources. A recently-developed adaptation of this technology was approved for use in small containers, eliminating the need for sealed rooms. The Post-Harvest Department staff is working on the development and implementation of other innovative technologies, while supporting and assisting its customers.